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Altitude above sea level: 2495 m

Coordinates: 791 140 / 143 45

National maps (1:25'000):

2521 St. Moritz / Bernina and

1277 Piz Bernina



By car (paid parking at Morteratsch station) or by train to Morteratsch station.

Summer: From Morteratsch station: 2 hours via the hut trail.
There are 2 ways to reach the Boval hut. Approx. 100m after the railway tracks into the valley, the first turnoff to the right leads up to the forest. The first 100 m of altitude difference leads a little steeper up the slope. Then an evenly ascending hut trail follows parallel to the glacier.

In the second variant, you follow the glacier path in the valley floor (Gletscherlehrpfad). After the annual table of 1920 follows a turn-off to the right, which is marked with Chünetta. You hike a little steeper path for a short moment up to the evenly ascending hut path.

In the last part of the hike it gets a little steeper again. These passages are secured with a rope (handrail).

(Level of difficulty T2-3, distance approx. 4.5km and about 600m altitude difference).
The descent to the valley takes about 1.5 hours.

Winter: Skinning up from the Morteratsch station crossing the Morteratsch glacier (2-3 hours) or you do a ski descent from Berghaus Diavolezza over Pers-/Morteratsch glacier with short skinning up to the hut (1.5-2 hours).


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