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The Boval hut (Chamanna da Boval) is a mountain refuge in the Swiss Alps, 2495 m above sea level. The hut is located in the Morteratsch valley, above the Morteratsch glacier. From the Boval hut you can enjoy a magnificent view of the surrounding high mountain landscape. From here you can not only see the Pers- and Morteratsch glaciers, which are "separated" since 2015, but in the west you catch sight of the Piz Boval and the Piz Morteratsch rising above the hut. Beyond those peaks are the world-famous Biancograd with the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps, the Piz Bernina (4049 m above sea level). To the east you can see the Bellavista group, the Piz Palü, the Piz Cambrena, the Piz Trovat and the mountain station of Diavolezza.

The first accommodation was built in 1877. There has been a hut at its present location since 1913. Further extensions were built in 1977 and 1978.

The managed hut belongs to the Bernina section of the Swiss Alpine Club.

The Boval hut is serviced in summer from around mid-June to mid-October and for the winter season from around end of March to early May.


It is a very rewarding day hike to the Boval hut for young and old with a unique and stunning panorama.

The Boval hut is an ideal starting point for ice and rock tours in the heart of the Bernina Group. The easy access to the glacier and rock makes the hut an great  starting point for training in ice and rock. The hut's own climbing garden offers routes between 3 and 6 degrees. A simple 7-rope-length climbing tour leads to the Corn da Boval.

Hiking from hut to hut on the Bernina Trek is a unique experience.

Numerous beautiful ski tours around the hut invite you to unforgettable powder snow descents and fantastic views.

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